A Popular Destination for Photographers

For those wishing to capture the essence of a location on film, there are few better destinations than Norfolk to bring a camera to, the county has a number of well-known photographers who make a living from capturing the changing landscape on film, you can see their work in some Norfolk luxury hotels, and a number have produced popular books that showcase the county from a whole range of aspects including from the air, but it lures many amateurs along too. One of the great attractions of Norfolk for a cameraman is there is so much to film.

The county has wonderful locations such as the Norfolk Broads, coastal resorts, inlets and quays, amazing wildlife and fabulous architectural wonders in terms of historical buildings or innovative new structures.

Norfolk has a number of stately homes and mansions that are picturesque and is renowned for its high number of medieval churches which are dotted across the county in a range of styles. There are churches with soaring steeples, squat towers and round and octagonal towers as well and with many of them set out in the fields, they can produce spectacular images at any time of the year. Some of the better known North Norfolk hotels are situated in market towns, villages or out in the countryside and are in the heart of the landscape that can be a photographer’s dream. There are several Norfolk hotels in the coastal inlets and quays and the combination of yachts, wildlife and the marshes are popular locations for those wanting to capture Norfolk through the lens of a camera.

Whilst many visitors come to Norfolk in the summer months to spend time on the beaches, the county is definitely an all-year-round attraction. A good number of the hotels North Norfolk has are open throughout the year, so there is no trouble finding accommodation if you want to come and photograph Norfolk during the winter months, the landscape and the sky take on a marvelous tone at this time of year and picturing some of the better known scenes with snow or frost on the ground is particularly rewarding and will produce a truly memorable photograph.

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