Ear Plugs For Music Concerts, Festivals and Gigs

Going to see your favourite band play live in front of a large audience is a great experience and can generate a spectacular environment, atmosphere and most of all sound. Whether you like to go to concerts, gigs or festivals the experience is sensationally, but it can have a tremendous effect on your hearing, especially if it is a long set.

There are some great festivals coming up, you will be cramming in all your essentials into one rucksack and making sure there is enough beer to last you for the big weekend. However, the urge for people to bring ear protection with them to the events is increasing dramatically. The same can be said about concerts and gigs. Having sounds reach 85dB (decibels) is considered safe so imagine the effect it could have on your hearing when you go to amplified rock gig that could reach 120dB!

You may think it’s a paradox: after all, you head to the festival to listen to music so why would you want to block it out? Well, festival earplugs do not actually block music out but just mitigate the negative effects so you can enjoy free-flowing, auditory goodness without permanently damaging your ear canal and ear drum.

The sound levels of these musical events can get ridiculously high and could put your hearing at risk, so wearing some protective ear plugs, such as musician ear plugs or noise reduction ear plugs could be the greatest item you brought along.

A great advantage of wearing a pair of musician ear plugs is that you are still able to enjoy the music that is being performed; they are especially designed for concerts as they only reduce the level of sound, not blocking it, allowing you to hear what is being played a lot more clearly. They mitigate the harmful effects that amplified gigs and concerts can have, which generates a better sounding piece of music that can be enjoyed without damaging your ear canal or eardrum. Most of the musician earplugs are also discrete and so your rockability will never be tarnished; they will only be noticed if in direct eyesight on an onlooker.

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