Hiring Live Performers for Special Events

Whatever the occasion might be, entertainment is almost an inevitable component of the celebration. A festive occasion will be incomplete without any form of entertainment. It could be a wedding reception, a birthday party, a bar mitzvah, a prom, or anniversary. Any celebration that marks an important event or commemoration is usually attended by several people who are expecting to socialize and be entertained.

Event entertainment

There are several means to provide entertainment during a social event or special celebration. Of course, it will depend on various factors such as the local culture, the personal tastes of the hosts and guests, the availability of entertainment and the affordability. It could either be pre-recorded entertainment or live entertainment. Typically, music is the main form of entertainment during social gatherings or parties. The motif, genre and repertoire may vary depending on the need of the occasion.

When it comes to recorded music, a disc jockey may need to be hired and a complete set of sound system may need to be rented.

DJ and bands

Merely playing recorded music or audio-visual presentations may serve some entertainment purpose such as in the case of ballroom dancing. However, live performers such as orchestra and bands are more interesting. Hiring a live band might be a bit expensive compared to merely renting a sound system and playing recorded music. Nonetheless, it is far better in terms of engaging the audience and in terms of status appeal for the host of the event.

Bands are comprised of professional musicians that typically have wide range of musical repertoire or highly specialized in one particular genre. Many bands specialize on particular music genre such as rock and roll, ballad, ballroom music, and pop music. All bands have their specific forte but they are usually flexible enough to play other types of music. A list of music titles might be requested by the host or the bands themselves may choose their repertoire based on a particular genre.

Customized entertainment

Many private DJ services and sound system providers also offer live band performers. The instruments, music genre, number of band members can be customized depending on the need and budget of the client. DJ services and sound system rental can be combined with a standard five-member band. A typical band has a vocalist, lead guitarist (can also be performed by the vocalist), a bass guitarist, drummer and a keyboardist.

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