The Accessory That Helps To Create A Fantastic Live Performance

It’s well-known that some musicians feel that their instrument is not being heard when they are supported by drums, due to the sound coming from percussion being overbearing. It’s sad to say that this situation destroys a fair few live performances and it’s certainly frowned upon in the music industry. For lots of years, performers have struggled to find methods on how to better their live performances and also to tone down the impact that the drums have – this can be the reason why they consider purchasing drum screens.

These are a key investment for virtually any drummer and therefore are getting more popular as performers are finding out the advantages. This is a worldwide product and is a favourite in numerous locations. They’re reliable and they successfully help technicians to balance the complete sound of their band which in turn will bring about a stronger performance and result in a higher quality sound. The screens themselves are manufactured to an extremely high quality and made from 6mm acrylic – this specific size is without question the optimum density for the ultimate sound reduction. Every single section of the screen is created from 500mm sheets that you can then combine to come up with the best size to suit your location.

The screens are connected with InoFlex hinges which allows the screen to collapse together, this makes storage and transportation easy. You can easily secure it throughout transportation, by selecting extras such as a flight case, which will keep it secure and be certain that damage won’t happen. Musicians go to great lengths to protect their drum screens as they see them as a vital piece of equipment for any live performance.

Not merely do drum screens limit the sound of the drums, they will also help to reduce feedback and bleed over into microphones on stage which will lead to an overall improved, clearer sound. You are able to fix acoustic foam pads to your drum screen to offer extra sound reduction which is particularly effective with the bass drum.

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