Why Choose Boutique Hotels?

Boutique hotels represent the best of the hotel industry. They are luxurious, unique, and innovative and offer the highest standards of service and customer care. So what makes a boutique hotel different from a normal 5 star hotel? The main difference is usually the styling and branding of the hotel – its contemporary design, and its modern provision of services.

The term ’boutique hotel’ was started in New York, by journalists who used the term to describe the modern contemporary hotels that had started to pop up around the city and become extremely popular. And it is this contemporary description which distinguishes boutique hotels from traditional luxury hotels. In addition, the newest hotels tend to offer all the technological extras that so many older hotels do not have.

Today, services like Wi-Fi, telephone, air-conditioning, and satellite television are expected as standard. However, in a boutique hotel, technology is used to provide the very latest services and to add to the luxury, they go that extra mile. For example, many have built in tablets or computer screens, touch screen controls for music, temperature, security, room service and lighting in each room, and so on.

Travellers choose boutique hotels when they want the very best of traditional luxury hotel service with a truly modern and contemporary edge. And this means every aspect of the service, not just how the hotel looks, for example,Egyptian cotton bedding, exclusive interior fabrics, high-end bathroom products, huge fluffy towels, fresh fruit, 24 hour room service, personal room maids, concierge, shopping services and more.

Boutique hotels are known for having relaxed and comfortable atmospheres, where guests can enjoy receiving five star service, luxury, and privacy while also feeling completely at home. Many of the world’s most famous five start hotels are very formal and often lack the relaxed, modern atmosphere that so many travellers are looking for. Boutique hotels offer this.

If you are looking for the best levels of service, accommodation, and cuisine, and want to experience a luxury hotel with a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, and attractive contemporary décor, you should choose a boutique hotel. Many of the world’s finest establishments have been designed by leading names in the fashion, art, and the interior design world. It has given these hotels their own unique identity and makes them stand out from the norm.

Unfortunately, because they are so popular, many hotel owners and chains are using the popular term to describe their own establishments, and they do not always live up to the true luxury standards of these types of establishment. So be careful and only book with a trusted service.

So that you are not disappointed, it is best to find your hotel using a reputable booking service that offers genuine deals for accommodation within the world’s finest boutique hotels. It is possible to book yourself a stay in a wonderful modern and luxurious establishment for a very reasonable cost, and the best booking services will only offer deals on the best luxury hotels and guest houses.

By booking through a trusted and well-known service, you can be sure you will be staying in a top class hotel and enjoying the finest food, accommodation, and service, from the moment you arrive until you check out. Discerning travellers are choosing a luxury hotel experience over discount accommodation because of the high levels of service they know they can enjoy.

We all work hard to earn a living, and when we are travelling, we all deserve to have the best facilities and services. Boutique hotels are the answer if you are travelling and want the best accommodation.

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